Work to the heritage apple arches... by Emma Reynolds

The Estate has one of the longest continuous line of heritage apple arches, in the walled garden.  This has been unloved for many years.  So the Estate recently engaged the Heritage Fruit Tree Company to begin work to save the heritage fruit trees! A lot of dead wood has been removed.  Where some trees have been lost, we have planted replacement heritage varieties including: Cox Pamona, Blenheim Orange, Wyken Pippin, Reinette De Macon, Tydemans Early Worcester, Laxtons Superb, Blood ploughman.  

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An opportunity to discuss the Estate's future by Emma Reynolds

We are looking at ways to improve the Estate and ensure it thrives into the future. A team of experts has been brought together and we wish to share the ideas and concepts for planning and development across the Estate.

We would like to hear from you! So, we invite you to meet the team and share your thoughts. Please come along on Wednesday 18th April, 4pm to 7pm, at The Book Repository.

Winter at Nuneham by Emma Reynolds

Winter at Nuneham finally seems to be lifting. The first signs of spring flowers such as snow drops and daffodils are poking their heads above the muddy ground. Birdsong is filling the air, a sure sign Spring is nearly here.